Cartel 2016 / Welcome Messages / Make Yourself at Home!

Welcome to Montréal

We are very pleased to welcome you for this second edition in Montréal.

Cartel: A horizontal association of independent organizations; An allusion to our unbounded approach to artistic creation, our desire to stray off the beaten path.

Cartel: The power of networking.

At our roundtables, you will find strong-minded, determined people who have worked hard on their local scenes to open up new opportunities for artists. People exploring new artistic terrain, laying the groundwork for new adventures within a broader spectrum of possibility. Seekers who have walked many a path in search of the wondrous and strange. Working together, we will plan for and build the future of new music.


A French-speaking city in North America, with a multicultural fabric forming a natural bond between Europe and America. We are very proud to have you with us. We have spared no effort to offer you an ideal forum for discussion, discovery, and interaction. We have four days (evenings, nights!) to change the world.

Let’s get to it!

— Pierrette Gingras
General Director
Le Vivier