Presenter / Toronto (Ontario, Canada)

Benjamin Dietschi, executive director

Soundstreams has been at the forefront of Canadian music for thirty years. Its annual Toronto season is the launching pad for touring Canadian productions on the national and international stage, including exchanges with Germany, the Nordic countries, Brazil, China, Japan and Australia. Soundstreams has added more than 150 commissioned works to the global repertoire, reflecting a diverse variety of genres and cultural traditions. Projects have included festivals and conferences and award-winning operas including Tomson Highway and Melissa Hui’s Cree-language opera Pimooteewin: The Journey, R Murray Schafer’s site-specific opera The Children’s Crusade, and Brian Current’s opera Airline Icarus (June 2014).


  • Active period: September ~ June
  • Founded: 1982
  • Number of events per year / of publications: 20 ~ 25
Benjamin Dietschi [Photo: Terry Lim, Toronto (Ontario, Canada), 2016]

Benjamin Dietschi [Photo: Terry Lim, Toronto (Ontario, Canada), 2016]