Flanders Festival Kortrijk

Presenter / Kortrijk (Belgium)

Joost Fonteyne, artistic director

For more than five decades, Flanders Festival has been promoting classical and contemporary music to young and old concertgoers alike. Eight independent festivals (Antwerp, Bruges, Brussel, Gent, Kortrijk, Leuven, Mechelen, and Tongeren) contribute to Flanders’ cultural influence. As its youngest member, Festival Kortrijk (2010) adds to the family’s charisma. Over 5,000 visitors enjoy ‘classical with a twist’: a mix of classical concerts, contemporary music concerts, and sound art. The Festival transcends genre boundaries through its diversified programming, which includes classical music, contemporary music, non-Western music, sound art, pure music, cross-disciplinary projects, and everything in between. Festival Kortrijk is mainly a presentation platform, but supports the creation of a limited number of music and sound art projects. From 2017 onwards, Festival Kortrijk will be integrated into the new concert and festival organization Wilde Westen (Wild West).


  • Active period: April-May
  • Founded: 2010
  • Number of events per year / of publications: 25
Joost Fonteyne