Écoute, Rivière qui marche

An immersive musical show. From the source to the ocean, two traveling musicians discover and play with La Rivière qui marche.




Sometimes a quiet stream, sometimes impetuous, it winds through immense landscapes. A small stop made on a whim by an island, will lull you with the sweet songs of our friends the birds. The silver redhorse, the carp, bluegill, walleye and largemouth bass weave and dance from island to island across the river’s waves. Do you hear their happy refrains mingling with the lapping water?

White water or water transformed into a bed of ice? When the end of winter comes around, you can hear the rumbling of the breakup. The river is overflowing with energy and travel is accelerating with great movements and strange chaos.

As the immense ocean gets nearer, listen to the secrets it gives up through the singing of belugas, humpback whales, sperm whales and seals.

Are you ready for the voyage? Cast off!