Les bruits de l’eauJournée H2O

  • Saturday, May 9, 2020
    2:00 pm

    Event cancelled

    Free admission

Assistez à des conférences, ateliers et concerts célébrant la richesse de l’eau et ses enjeux.




Over the course of the day you will be invited to attend conferences on Quebec water issues given by leading experts in the field. You can also participate in music creation workshops related to water with the use of electronic devices. You will discover the heritage of musical works related to the theme (musicological and compositional approaches) and also create your own aquatic music.

In addition, discover the participative works in this project that were created in the regions with different groups — three composers and three ensembles — as well as results from creative workshops conducted with elementary students and community groups in Montréal (Action Centre-Ville).

End the day in spectacular fashion with performances by the Molinari Quartet, the Sixtrum percussion ensemble and the Béliveau, Pappathomas, Burman Trio performing repertoire that was specially composed on the theme of water. The concert will feature Canadian works such as R. Murray Schafer’s Waves and Debacle by Alain Perron.