Ateliers du Forum Ircam Hors les murs — Montréal 2020Voi(Rex)

Ensemble Paramirabo

The voice is front and centre in Voi (Rex) by Philippe Leroux, composed at Ircam for soprano, six instruments and electronics.




The Paramirabo Ensemble revisits the work by creating a version for baritone with singer Vincent Ranallo. “This masterful score of about twenty minutes, is replete with invention of timbre, space and energy” (Le Monde). Using a poetic text by Lin Delpierre, the voice finds itself at the heart of a computer device that multiplies elements in real time (singing, phonemes, sounds) or elements triggered by pre-recorded sequences.

With the Canadian creation of Zosha Di Castri’s Phonograph, the voice makes reference to recordings of the past and the wonder they inspired.

In Alone and unalone, James O’Callaghan examines the relationship between individual and collective experiences in musical perception, combining the standard production of acoustic and electroacoustic sounds and a personalized listening experience through headphones.

This concert is produced in collaboration with the CIRMMT and the IRCAM Forum.