Saison montréalaise 2019-2020, Suoni Per Il Popolo 2020Jürg Frey / Éliane Radigue

Un rendez-vous attendu entre les musiciens du quatuor Bozzini, l’organiste Frédéric Blondy et des créateurs maîtres de la contemplation en musique.




The concert will be followed by a discussion with the artists.

Unhörbare Zeit (Inaudible Time) — In a long awaited meeting, the Bozzini Quartet musicians and organist Frédéric Blondy will interpret master composers of musical contemplation! As part of Suoni per il popolo, this concert will provide an immersion into the music of Jürg Frey which is characterized by sparse and silent soundscapes. An article in The Guardian said that Frey is “a master of calm instrumental textures … that explore both silence and sound, who writes ego-free music that feels as though it has always existed.” Éliane Radigue’s intimate and etherial works complete this program. In Occam XXV, the fingers of French musician Frédéric Blondy, will pull the finest sonorities from the magnificent Casavant / Guilbault-Thérien organ in the Gesù church. This program’s aim is to immerse listeners in a meditative state, to seek a sound/music balance, to make reflections on the man/nature relationship — a questioning that is existential, indeed spiritual.