Les bruits de l’eauVivierMix — L’or bleu

In a homage to blue gold, this concert presents musical works that evoke the different forms that water can take or the sounds produced by those who live in it.




The sound of drips from icicles on a spring day fascinated composer Yves Daoust and inspired his electroacoustic piece Water Music.

For his part, Tim Brady offers a musical meditation for electric guitar inspired by the fact that 60% of the human body is composed of water. We are thus all connected to the planet.

The movement of water, its courses, its forms, its scattered particles accumulating, amassing, flowing or evaporating — all this inspired Barah Héon-Morissette and Cléo Palacio-Quintin to create La voie de l’eau for percussion and bass hyper-flute.

Jared Miller is interested in the song of the blue whale and the whale’s perception. This inspired him to compose Leviathan, a piece for instrumental sextet and electronics, performed by the Ensemble Paramirabo.