Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne explore les notions d’inclusion, d’espace, de participation, de répertoire, d’influences, de création et de partage.




Be silent,
Keep silence like a treasure,
It imposes itself by respect,
It imposes itself by fear,
It speaks of what was and what will be
Break the silence to tell.

For this concert, Montréal’s Nouvel Ensemble Moderne (NEM) offers a foray into the world of composer Tim Brady and the première of his 10th symphony called Silences. The concert will explore the notions of inclusion, space, participation, repertoire, influences, of creation and sharing. On this occasion, Instruments of Happiness, Voces Boreales and three amateur choirs will join the NEM.

This event brings together more than one hundred musicians, young and old, in one place. It will immerse the public at the very centre of several premières and works from the repertoire, including The Unanswered Question by Charles Ives. This piece reflects on the eternal question of existence to which the music seems to seek an answer. This will also be an opportunity to hear a new work by David Cronkite.