Ateliers du Forum Ircam Hors les murs — Montréal 2020Nine Rivers

Le concert de l’ensemble Sixtrum met en scène l’eau et les instruments à percussion, passant de la manipulation acoustique de l’eau, à l’utilisation de nouveaux instruments.




Sixtrum bings water and percussion instruments to the stage, ranging from the acoustic manipulation of water in Tan Dun’s Water Music, to the use of new instruments like the zulon, a technological hybrid that Carmine Emanuele Cella created for Kore. These augmented instruments make it possible to merge an immersive global approach for listening to electronic music with the possibility of perceiving and locating the sound sources themselves.

James Dillon’s Nine Rivers will be an opportunity to peer into to the heart “of a mythology of imaginary waves, fairies and serpent-gods, a melancholy flow, a requiem for our poisoned rivers, an odyssey, a theatre of memory… “ (James Dillon).

Along the same lines, composer Ondrej Adameck proposes to follow the travels of a fish born in an egg at the bottom of the ocean and ending compressed in a tin can… The imagined sounds are at first slippery, then aquatic, and then transformed into metallic howls.