Musique lente et tranquille à la recherche d’un bonheur électrique

Un concert aux allures de méditation qui réunit quatre créations pour guitares électriques avec traitements numériques.




Created in 2014, the Instruments of Happiness quartet has already made two CDs on the American label Starkland Records and has made two Canadian tours and one American. It has garnered attention for its productions that use 100 to 150 guitars at festivals across Canada. One such was their last performance at the Saint Joseph Oratory in Montréal with 3,200 music lovers.

Their new production brings together four new works for electric guitars with digital treatment from four Canadian composers: Louise Campbell, Rose Bolton, Andrew Noseworthy and Andrew Staniland. It will be a meditation-style concert in Espace Aline Letendre in the Gesù church, where the music resonates with long reverberation times. After the spatialised experiments with Instruments of Happiness for 100 guitars, this more intimate formation will reveal new sonorities.

In addition - music in movement: with the participation of dancers Roger Sinha, Marie-Ève Lafontaine, and Citlali Germé-Trevino from the Sinha Danse company.