Sonne l’image

  • Wednesday, November 27, 2019
    8:00 pm

    Presale: $18.00

    At the door: $35.00

    Reduced rate at the door (student, senior and Le Vivier member): $25.00

    Online tickets

Un ensemble de grands improvisateurs est réuni pour cette rencontre entre œuvres visuelles et musicales.




Productions SuperMusique will perform a program of musical scores that have movement (video, animated film, photo-montage). They are created in a symbiosis of music and images.

The artistic collaboration of composer Viviane Houle and Pierre Hébert, the famous animated film maker, crystalizes with the creation of First Words — a work inspired by the final words of Viviane Houle’s ailing father.

La vie de l’ésprit is a collaboration between the composer Joane Hétu and the artist Manon de Pauw (performance, video art, photography). It is an allegory based on the idea of the synapse (connection) between image and sound with the musicians symbolizing neurons in the brain and the score — the neurotransmitters.

In the cross disciplinary digital work Aléas, Cléo Palacio-Quintin explores how human beings conceive their environment. By questioning our real and imaginary perceptions, she creates a poetic universe.

This is a group of wonderful improvisers gathered together for a meeting of visual and musical works.