La cornemuse universelle: Erwan Keravec – Goebbels / Glass / Radigue

  • Wednesday, September 11, 2019
    7:30 pm

    Presale: $18.00

    At the door: $35.00

    Online tickets

    $45 for both September 11th, 2019 concerts

Erwan Keravec, an exceptional bagpiper, pushes the limits of his instrument beyond traditional music.




He puts his energy into to the world of improvisation, music and contemporary dance by meeting with the creative artists. His new solo program introduces us to N° 20/58 by Heiner Goebbels, in which two quotations from Bach arias, linked together by trills, suggest melodies. Like the stations of the cross, the sound starts outside the room and arrives at the edge of the stage.

Philipp Glass’s Two Pages, originally a piano continuum, brings out all the power of the bagpipe and the continuous breath that the bag allows. Rapid, full, powerful, this piece takes up the entire space until it becomes obsessive. Occam, by Eliane Radigue, chooses to reveal the intimate and delicate character of the bagpipe. This is no longer an expansive, but is suited more for a smaller space with the musician seated close to the public.