Cartel 2018Hectore Navigatore and the Giants of the Saint-Laurent River [in English]

English version of the show ••



English version of the show •• In a show for young people created by Totem contemporain and co-produced by Le Vivier, Hectore Navigatore et les Géants du Saint-Laurent is a multimedia show that invites the viewer to be carried away in the sonic explorations of a girl with extremely sensitive hearing. Hectore listens to everything and transforms everything she hears into music. The songs of whales fascinate her and she builds herself an instrument to imitate them. One night, while Hectore sleeps peacefully, her dreams take on the appearance of her favorite cetaceans and she slips into the bluish darkness of a welcoming ocean, in which she discovers unsuspected sonic marvels…

Préparez-vous à partir à la découverte du Saint-Laurent avec Hectore Navigatore grâce à nos guides pédagogiques (pdf) à faire à l’école ou en famille!

Équipe de création et collaborateurs

  • Histoire, musique et conception d’ensemble: Ida Toninato
  • Conception sonore et intégration technologique: Ana Dall’Ara-Majek
  • Fabrication des instruments: Jean-François Laporte
  • Éclairages: Stéphane Caissy
  • Vidéo: Robin Pineda Gould
  • Dessins animés: Elysha Poirier
  • Traduction anglaise: Ida Toninato, Elysha Poirier
  • Narration en anglais: Elysha Poirier