Itinerant Gardens

In all times and all places, the Word of the world incarnated itself into the terrestrial words of bards, minstrels, and griots.




These wordsmiths are transmitters as much as peace-makers. They build bridges between forces of nature, the unspeakable divine, and ancient memory. Their role is to stoke the daily fire of our collective soul.

Nowadays, these free-thinkers and travellers have made the world their home… as has Ablaye Cissoko, a griot from Saint-Louis, Senegal, a migrating bird, and a virtuoso of the kora. It has been said that this harp luth from the Mandinka Kingdom was the most precious and contested possession of the Woman Genie. Cissoko seems to have inherited that celestial being’s grace. With Constantinople, he will offer a journey through human imagination, like a long breath in the face of the inexorable march of the world and time.