Totem électriqueTotem électrique V

Productions Totem contemporain’s Totem électrique series is aimed at developing new soundworlds as designed and imagined by guest composers.




It rests on a relatively simple idea: PTC commissions works from five composers, and those works are premiered in a single concert that usually takes place on the first weekend of June. These works are scored for the instruments designed by Jean-François Laporte. Each composer also has to add an “electrical” component to his or her piece, i.e. an electroacoustic tape part, live digital treatment, or any other electronic/electrical audio process.

Since there is no tradition to frame these instruments in a certain context, each composer can freely develop his or her own language and universe. The composers for this edition are Guillaume Cliche, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Francisco Huguet, Gordon Fitzell, and Benjamin Thigpen.