De l’itération

Percussion ensemble Sixtrum presents a master class, concert style.




First, master composer Philippe Leroux will present his latest work entitled De l’itération. Then, the ensemble will carry on the master class with a performance of another piece for keyboard percussion: Les Uns. Sixtrum will be recording these two pieces soon as part of a Leroux: Complete Works for Percussion project. The rest of the program will be devoted to young composers, who will be asked to create a short piece using the instrumentation and layout featured in De l’itération. At the end of the concert, these young composers will be talking about the challenges they have met and the inspiration they have drawn from this endeavour. On an unusual note, De l’itération requires a sixxen — the only sixxen in Canada — an oddly-tuned metallophone built to perform Xenakis’s Pléïades.

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