One, deux, három!

To kick off its 26th season, Codes d’accès is proud to present Quatrix, a newly formed Montreal quartet dedicated to repertoire for two pianos and percussion, and made up of pianists Jean-Fabien Schneider and Irina Krasnyanskaya, as well as percussionists Corinne René and Julien Compagne.




With his Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion, Béla Bartók created a new kind of quartet that would develop in dazzling and eclectic ways right up to the present day. Since change does not exist without permanence, nor transformation without tradition, this program will present Bartók’s seminal work alongside a piece by George Crumb, as well as the premiere of a new work by Quebec composer Georges Dimitrov, commissioned by Codes d’accès. An event of striking proportions!