Marie-Thérèse Lefebvre

Marie-Thérèse Lefebvre is a musicologist and associate professor at the Music Faculty of the Université de Montréal. She has several publications on music and musical life in Quebec, such as the recent Chronologie musicale du Québec (1535-2004), which she co-directed with Jean-Pierre Pinson (Éditions du Septentrion, Sillery, 2009). She has received three OPUS Awards from the CQM in the Best Book category (1997, 2005, 2010), and one in the Best Paper category (2009). She was also awarded the Prix d’excellence en enseignement (a teaching award) in 2006 and the 2009 Helmut-Kallmann Award. At Éditions du Septentrion, she directs the Cahiers des Amériques series’ music section. Lefebvre is a fellow of the Société québécoise de recherche en musique (SQRM), a fellow of the Centre de recherche interuniversitaire en littérature et culture québécoise (CRILCQ), an associate fellow of the Observatoire interuniversitaire sur la création et la recherche musicales (OICRM), and a member of Société des Dix.