Instruments of Happiness

Instruments of Happiness is the name of the electric guitar ensembles produced by Bradyworks under the direction of Tim Brady. This ambitious project is dedicated to the performance of new music and includes a quartet, a professional orchestra of 20 guitarists and a 100-strong community-focused ensemble. Instruments of Happiness is clearly obsessed with the electric guitar. We only have electric guitars on stage, and we hope fans of the instrument will find a sympathetic resonance with our concerts. However, we also hope to move beyond the guitar, creating new projects and concerts that are unique, imaginative and passionate musical events, all prepared with the greatest care for the quality of sound and the performance of the music. We hope to be not just guitarists, but musicians. We hope to bring you some happiness with our instruments.

The Quartet

The Instruments of Happiness quartet focuses on chamber music performed by high-level professionals, and is designed to encourage the creation of new repertoire for this instrumentation. We think the electric guitar is a major contender for new chamber music and can contribute significantly to the future of chamber music in the 21st century. The quartet first performed in 2014. In early 2016 they released their eponymous debut album on Starkland Records, which includes premiere recordings of four compositions by Tim Brady, Antoine Berthiaume and Rainer Weins. The following guitarists have played in the quartet: Tim Brady, Gary Schwartz, Antoine Berthiaume, Michel Héroux, Marc-Olivier Lamontagne, Jonathan Barriault et Simon Duchesne.

The Orchestra (20 Professional Guitarists)

The Instruments of Happiness orchestra showcases 20 of Montréal’s most talented professional guitarists. The concert in April 2016 in Montréal marks their début performance with a major commission from musique actuelle visionary Joane Hétu as well as the first performance in 14 years in Montréal of Tim Brady’s prize-winning multi-guitar manifesto: 20 Quarter Inch Jacks.

The Ensemble (100 Electric Guitars)

Playing new music on the guitar is fun no matter who you are. Playing new music with 99 other musicians is 99 times more fun! The ensemble Instruments of Happiness includes 20 professional guitarists as well as a diverse group of about 80 amateur enthusiasts of all ages from across the island and around Montréal. That makes 100 guitars…or more. This group is all about large-scale multi-dimensional spatialized projects. The début in 2015 was a huge success. They played to an audience of 2,400+ as part of the Montréal/New Music international festival, with a spectacular performance celebrating the 100th birthday of legendary guitarist and innovator, Les Paul. The public space of the Complex Desjardins was charged with electricity for Tim Brady’s larger-than-life composition 100 Very Good Reasons Why… which splits the ensemble into 4 different groups around the atrium fountain.


Past Events