Marie-Annick Béliveau

Over the years, thanks to her warm, rich voice and exceptional musicianship, mezzo-soprano Marie-Annick Béliveau has earned wide recognition on the music scene.

Marie-Annick has had over 30 works composed for her. 2013-14 offers a full lineup of important premieres: works by Bruce Mather, André Hamel, Nicole Lizée, Marco Pérez-Ramirez and a new opera by Pierre Michaud.

In February 2012, she founded les Salons de l’Ombre Jaune, and was the artistic director of the show Ana et le Lion d’Or, a conceptual event nominated for an Opus prize in which she was performing Ana Sokolović’s music. In November 2012 was given Bel Canto au Lion d’Or, featuring the music by Cassandra Miller. In 2014 les Salons de l’Ombre Jaune will present Celos au Lion d’Or featuring music by Marco Pérez-Ramirez, and a special event around a premiere by Bruce Mather.

Among Marie-Annick Béliveau’s many career highlights figure Fausto Romitelli’s Lost with the NEM at Royaumont and Montréal, André Ristic’s Catalogue de Bombes Occidentales with the ECM+, Vivier’s Wo Bist Du, Licht! with the SMCQ and with the Munich Kammerorchester, role of Rimbaud in Marco Pérez-Ramirez’ opera Rimbaud, la parole libérée, which was performed at the Opéra National de Montpellier, and Michelle Boudreau’s immense Étoile Libre, for electronically modified solo voice, on stage and cd.

A native of Quebec City, Marie-Annick Béliveau began her musical studies on the violin and the oboe. Throughout her journey, Marie-Annick has received a great deal from her teachers and mentors. She had the good fortune to work with Jan Simons, Marie Daveluy and Bruce Mather, to whom she owes special thanks.

From Father Fernand Lindsay, founder of the Festival de Lanaudière, she received constant support and encouragement to continue her work. She is now the assistant director of his summer music camp. For the past ten years, she has performed with the Ensemble Kore in concerts of exceptional quality and variety. She now works besides Pauline Vaillancourt for Chants Libres, the lyric creation company.


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